Indepth tarot card reading past present future plus love and finances

This is a Past, present and future reading plus love and finances, a 5 card tarot draw With these cards, it can represent what you were going thru in the past, now present and what is to come in the near future plus love and finance readings.

Please note that my tarot card readings are not psychic readings. When you order I focus on you and then pull cards for you, then I will take a picture of the cards and message you back with the cards meanings and how I interpert them so that you can see how it relates to you and /or your situation.

I will get back with you within 3 days usually by the next day or same day.

You can also order by Cashapp - $Laurasfees  & emailing info to 

Do not order if you want specific questions answered with specific details or psychic readings. Thank you!
***I will send you the card info on the card I pull for you and will not hold back on true meanings, Do not order if you do not really want to know! No Refunds